Tina's story

Tina found the support she received from YMCA WiSE invaluable following a difficult period in her life when she had been groomed by two older men.

Lihle's story

Lihle was struggling to meet the cost of travel to college. Thanks to YMCA funds from Artist Open House 2017, she was able to continue her course until her bursary came through.

Kara's story

Changes in Kara's behaviour at school were causing concern. Counselling with YMCA Dialogue helped Kara identify and express her feelings, letting light into a dark period in her life.

Jade's story

Jade has benefitted from one to one educational support and discovered her future career path along the way.

Dani's story

Dani's life had been chaotic and unstable. Her YMCA WiSE worker helped to give her a different perspective on life, enabling her to make some wise decisions of her own.

Gerry's story

After a chaotic few years Gerry found stability at the YMCA. Now, with help from YMCA’s Life Change Fund he’s all set to take another big step forwards.

Hannah's story

Hannah had a history of offending that was a barrier to gaining employment, but she overcame this with help from her YMCA Positive Placements mentor.

Leaha's story

Leaha, a YMCA resident, couldn’t afford to buy football boots. But thanks to the Life Change Fund she was able to take part in an international football competition.

Oliver's story

Oliver found working with YMCA Positive Placements enabled him to access funding to improve his mobility as well as his work prospects.

Gary's story

Read how after years of struggling with poor mental health, Gary has been able to move forward with the support of his YMCA Positive Placements mentor.

Ali's story

Ali left Iran aged 15 because his life was threatened. Read how living in a YMCA hostel helped him to adjust to a new life in the UK, and how his future is now looking positive.

Andre's story

With exams looming Andre was getting into trouble at school. Counselling sessions with YMCA Dialogue enabled him to face up to his fears and develop plans for the future.

Susie’s story

Visiting YMCA DownsLink’s Youth Advice Centre (YAC) in Brighton was a good decision for Susie who had been sofa surfing after being asked to leave the family home.

Charlie’s story

The relationship between Charlie and his mother was under huge strain but a referral to the YMCA Family Mediation service gave them space to resolve things.

Thea's story

Thea was ready to move on from living in a YMCA hostel to take up a university place, but lack of funds was stopping her. Read how YMCA’s Life Change Fund opened the way.

Louise’s story

Louise, one of our Positive Placement mentors says, “The chance to help shape a young person’s future is an incredible honour and I am grateful to the YMCA for this chance.”

Poppy’s story

Poppy didn’t realise she was being subjected to sexual exploitation. Spending time with a WiSE worker opened her eyes to the reality of her situation.

Caleb’s story

Some emotional issues made life difficult for Caleb, aged 8. A Dialogue school counsellor was able to help him talk things through in a safe place.