YMCA DLG young people experience a day of VIP treatment at the Brighton Dome Theatre

cast and young people for trocks nov 2015

YMCA DLG WiSE Project, Band 2 Housing and Positive Placements Brighton have teamed up with EDN (Every Body Dance Now), dance artist Elise Phillips and The Brighton Dome to offer our service users the chance to spend a day at the Dome Theatre.

At the beginning of November nine young people were treated to a spectacular day of glamour and glitz, spending the day with the fabulous Trocks ballet crew. They experienced a backstage tour followed by a dressing room make-up seminar by Italian ballet pro Rafael.

The young people were invited to watch the rehearsal for that night’s performance, they also had a chance to get on the stage with the cast and heard a motivational speech by Tory Dobrin, the artistic director of the New York based company.

After a feast of pizza, our young people were given free tickets to the evening show, including back stage access to meet the cast and crew in costume. More photos were taken on the stage with the cast in costume during the interval while the rest of the audience waited the other side of the curtain for the show to continue. Such a unique experience that will be hard to forget!

This is an extension of collaboration between the Dome, EDN, dance artists and YMCA DLG that has been ongoing for over a year now. It’s an opportunity for young people to experience various art forms first hand by taking part in free workshops run by experienced artists as well as being given unique access to The Brighton Dome.


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