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St Patrick’s Adult Hostel in Hove

St Patrick's Accommodation
Statement from YMCA DownsLink Group: Closure of St Patrick’s Adult Hostel in Cambridge Road, Hove


St Patrick’s supported housing service located in Cambridge Road, Hove. St. Patrick’s is a 29 bed adult hostel for homeless people which has been run by YMCA DownsLink Group on behalf of Brighton & Hove City Council since 2019.

Last year, we made a strategic decision to only retender for services that directly support our core mission of preventing homelessness among children and young people – an area where there is growing need nationwide. This means that we did not retender to run the project at St Patrick’s.

Brighton & Hove City Council will no longer be commissioning supported accommodation in the building and will continue to work with providers in other parts of the city. As such, St. Patrick’s will no longer operate as a supported housing project from 31 March 2024.

We have been working in close partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council and other partners in the city to manage any potential impact of this service change on residents of the service, and many have already moved on to suitable alternative accommodation that meets their needs, in advance of the project closing. The accommodation considered for each resident to move onto will be individual to their needs looking at alternative supported accommodation in the city as well as more independent options.


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