What are the signs?

Do you ever…

  • Find yourself in situations you can’t control
  • Feel you can’t tell the truth about where you’ve been or who with
  • Get pressured into doing things you don’t feel comfortable with
  • Get given things like money, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, a place to stay or gifts,
  • but are expected to do sexual things in return
  • Feel threatened or scared by people in your life
  • Feel someone else controls what you do, who you see and where you go
  • Meet random people online and share lots of information or pictures

If you are experiencing any of these things and live in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex or Surrey you can talk to a WiSE Boys and Young Men’s worker for support and advice. Click here for details of where to get help.

If you know what to look out for it is less likely that someone could sexually exploit you, and you will know when to ask for help. If you are a parent or a carer this is useful to know too, so you can support your child.

These are things like:

  • unexplained gifts, money or possessions
  • changes in mood and behaviour
  • going missing, staying out late or not being where they should be
  • being secretive about where they are going and who they are with
  • change of interest in activities and hobbies
  • missing school.

The BLAST Project have some really good information on ways to spot that someone might be grooming you. Read more here under ‘How Do I Know If Someone’s Grooming Me?’ https://www.nwgnetwork.org/services/blast-project-part-yorkshire-mesmac-group-services/

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