The Five Intervention Stages of the Reboot Partnership

At the second stage, a further intervention is conducted and consideration is given to referral in to the youth coaching service and to a vulnerability screening and assessment, which is currently provided by Sussex Liaison and Diversion.

The third stage sees a further intervention conducted and consideration is given to introducing an Acceptable Behaviour Contract which introducing prohibitions and positive requirements in the form of an informal plan created to remove the young person from identified risk factors.

The fourth stage brings in the Youth Offending Service who will conduct an assessment in order to understand what has led to the young person getting in to trouble and the risk they pose to themselves or others. Part of their role is to engage the young person in education, training or employment and to offer support to parents.

If the young person continues to be at risk they would move to stage 5 of the programme and a multi-agency panel meeting will be held to decide on the most appropriate piece of legislation to manage the young person away from the identified risks.

At every stage, those working with the young person and their family look to fulfil the objective of the programme which is to reduce the risk of young people being the victim or suspect of serious violence. The aim of each engagement is to provide support to the young person and to build their resilience. The practitioners involved will look at personal development (in the context of the family and peer group), and developing their strengths, and well as helping them to think about their future and discuss education and employment opportunities.

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