Lihle* is a resident living in YMCA DLG Supported Housing. She currently attends College gaining the qualifications required to secure a place at University. She plans to go on to study Psychology at Degree level. As the College in her local area couldn’t offer the courses she needed, Lihle looked at other options. Eventually she enrolled at a College 20 miles from her YMCA home.

Lihle needed help with the cost of travel to and from College, so she immediately applied for a bursary through Student Support. However, due to numerous administrative errors, her application was not processed in time for her start date.

Unfortunately Lihle is not in touch with her family. Her only income is from state benefits, so the cost of train travel to and from College far exceeded the amount of money she received.

With money raised through Artist Open House 2017, YMCA DLG was able to bridge the gap. The YMCA paid to cover the cost of peak time travel until her bursary finally came through.

Lihle says, “Without the help of the YMCA I would never have been able to afford to get to college. I would have had to give it up and I wouldn’t be where I am now with the University offers I have.”

Lihle has since received five offers from Universities and is on track to get a place at her first choice. We wish Lihle continued success in the future.

*Photo posed by model