Mental health difficulties are costing young people their education, their employment prospects and without support, are costing them their lives. The NHS and YMCA responded with #IAMWHOLE. Same as last year’s campaign that reached 120 million people worldwide, #IAMWHOLE 2017 wants to spark a change in attitude and continue in its mission to tackle the barriers young people are facing when accessing mental health support. Watch the campaign video below.

Mental health difficulties among children and young people are common, and can be both persistent and damaging. A new research report titled More Than Words, published by YMCA England to support the campaign, showed that ‘psycho’, ‘retard’ and ‘attention seeker’ were among the most commonly used words, as two thirds (66%) of young people who have seen or heard harmful words and negative stereotypes relating to mental health say it is simply part of everyday language.

#IAMWHOLE calls on individuals to stand together, united as a movement, against negative stereotypes and language surrounding mental health by challenging others and themselves about the words they use and learn more about the impact these stereotypes and insults can have.

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