331 Years – Celebrating YMCA DownsLink Group Women this International Women’s Day - YMCA DownsLink Group

331 Years – Celebrating YMCA DownsLink Group Women this International Women’s Day

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331 years – that’s the collective number of years the women, who will be celebrating at least 15 years of long service this year, have worked for YMCA DLG (and merged organisations). 

And so in celebration of International Women’s Day today, Tuesday 8 March, we would love to acknowledge, all the women in YMCA DLG who work so hard to support our residents and young people whether in frontline services or indirectly, but we want to particularly honour those who will be celebrating at least 15 years of long service this year.

Below are some of those women and the reasons they enjoy working for YMCA DLG.

Rachel Brett, Director of Children and Young People

I will have been working for the YMCA DLG and previous incarnations for 23 years this summer! I have remained with the organisation for so long as I’ve held roles and responsibilities that interest and excite me. I am a natural networker and I have been able to influence change both externally and internally that benefits children and young people across our geography.

I love the fact that we are always evolving and we are not afraid of challenging situations in order to improve the lives of the vulnerable people in our communities.

Most of all I like the people, the camaraderie and laughter which is especially important when times are tough.

El Clarke,  Head of Quality Compliance and Participation

I started out in client-facing work, at YAC, and I still have the same passion for the cause and mission of the organisation, even though I am much more ‘behind the scenes’ these days.  I love seeing that same passion in others.  I think the main reasons for my still being here and enjoying it is 1) the people I come into contact with across the organisation and 2) no day is the same, and I have lots of variety in the work I do!

Angie Moon,  Project Manager (Brighton Young Families)

My time at the YMCA has been very varied which is one of the reason I think I have stayed for so long! I started out as a volunteer at YAC and went all the way to the top, being part of the Senior Management Team for a number of years.  I’m now back on the front line working with families which I’m really enjoying, it’s a lot harder but for me the rewards are greater! The other thing that has kept me here are the people, I’ve worked with some fantastic people over the years and forged many friendships which I believe will last long after my days at the YMCA and for that I’m very thankful! 😊

Sharon Rawcliffe,  Project Manager – Crawley & Guildford
Jenny Burling, Projects Manager – Transitional (WS)

We have worked together since 2004 – an everlasting friendship was created that has been filled full of laughter, sometimes sadness – nothing that cannot be fixed by a good helping of food.

We have never wavered in the commitment to all the young people who we have worked with over the many years together in the YMCA, still plenty more years left to go!

Val Bradford, School Counsellor – St Nicholas School

I have absolutely loved working as a counsellor for children, young people and their families. I see it as a privilege to be allowed access to their internal world. It is YMCA Dialogue that have supported me and enabled my work to flourish and I would like to thank them for that.

Liz Rogers, Internal Communications Officer

For me, it’s always been about the people I’ve worked with and the cause of the organisation. I’ve worked in amazing teams with such inspirational, fun, and caring colleagues. Along with knowing the work we do makes a difference to so many lives, it’s the people that keep me here.

Heather Robinson, School Counsellor – BHASVIC

Happy Women’s Day! We have so many great people working for the organisation! Thank you to everyone for all their hard work and take care of yourselves too.

Vanessa Ring, Management Accountant

At both YMCA DLG and Eastbourne & Wealden YMCA the people I have worked with have been the best. It’s rewarding being part of a team that supports others make a difference in young people’s lives.

Hilary Leggett, Finance Assistant

I enjoy working at YMCA DLG because even though I don’t work directly with the Young People I hope I can help them through my role in Finance.

I also enjoy working with many of the staff who I have got to build relationships with over my 15 years.




YMCA enables people to develop their full potential in mind, body and spirit. Inspired by and faithful to our Christian values, we create supportive, inclusive and energising communities, where young people can truly belong, contribute and thrive.

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