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2024 General Election – A Statement from our CEO, Emily Brock

Youth Ambassadors

“The Prime Minister has announced a General Election for the 4th of July, less than six weeks away. This is an important time for our nation, especially for our young people.

I would like to express how essential it is for all young people who can to register to vote to make sure their voice, and their needs, are heard.

This next general election is an opportunity to put the needs of young people, the nations future, back on the agenda and at the forefront of the political conversation. The concerns of our nations youth need to be addressed and if more young people register to vote, the better influence they will have on shaping the future they want to see.

At YMCA DownsLink Group, we are seeing first hand the challenges that young people are facing from the cost-of-living crisis, the housing crisis and the lasting effects of the pandemic. Young people have been disproportionately affected by the current challenges we are facing as a society. It’s time for a more inclusive, youth-led nation. This starts with the next general election.”

-Emily Brock, CEO of YMCA DownsLink Group



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