Cameron the carpenter! Meet one of our skilled residents - YMCA DownsLink Group

Cameron the carpenter! Meet one of our skilled residents

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One of our supported accommodation residents in West Sussex, Cameron, has been making some amazing wooden creations for the resident’s communal garden during lockdown – and getting other residents involved in the process.

Cameron, who has had training in roofing and fencing and is now self-employed CIS registered, saw an opportunity when after three weeks of lockdown some residents started showing signs of feeling low and became restless and bored. Cameron expressed an interesting in building something out of the discarded wood in the garden and the first item was created – a wooden bench! After this and some kind donations of wood from his employer, other residents got involved sharing ideas and helping to build other items including bird houses and a work bench. Working together on this new project gave the residents focus and an opportunity to grow their social skills and stretch their imagination.

Cameron says “I feel really proud of what we have created. It tested my knowledge and skills and it was good to share these with the group.”

We took the opportunity to have a chat with Cameron and find out more about his story, as below:

What bought you to YMCA DownsLink Group?

“I was not getting along with my parents and over the space of four years, I had been made homeless several times. I finally approached the council to look at housing options and was referred to YMCA DownsLink Group for supported accommodation. Within weeks I was offered an interview and accommodated when a void became available.”

What has living at YMCA Worthing Foyer been like?

“I have appreciated that I have stable accommodation and also appreciate the support readily available when needed.

“I have struggled to take part in the group work [Our More Than a Room sessions support young people with budgeting, seeking employment, training and education and with their mental health and wellbeing] due to work commitments, but more flexibility will enable me to take part more often.”

What drew you to carpentry?

“I have been involved and enjoyed carpentry for as long as I can remember, helping my Dad around the house and in his work projects. This was the beginning of my journey and promoted my interest.

“I then went on to gain skills in fencing, roofing and loft ladder installations. I am also using the skills and knowledge gained to build things from pallets in my free time.

“I will eventually build my up own company in property maintenance, specialising in carpentry.”

Check out some of his amazing creations below:


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