What does YMCA WiSE do?

YMCA WiSE supports young people around staying safe in relationships, online and in the community. 

Who does YMCA WiSE work with?

We work with young people up to 25 years old in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and Surrey.  

At some point in our lives, everyone will need support with relationships. This is regardless of our gender, sexuality or background. 

If you’re a young person who is interested in working with YMCA WiSE, it’s important that you know that you’ve already got skills when it comes to keeping safe. Our job is to help you to build on these strengths. 

To do this we work with you and the people in your life towards finding the best ways to support you. 

Everyone we work with is different: some people want to chat a lot, others not very much. That’s ok, because we are happy to adapt how we work. 

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Part of our fantastic project YMCA WiSE Project is up for an award! 🎉🎉🎉

Our amazing youth ambassadors volunteer their time and expertise to help develop PSHE workshops and resources within Brighton and Hove, with topics including porn, consent, online safety and sexual harassment (and more!). They’ve contributed to a range of other incredible work for children and young people who may be vulnerable to sexual exploitation, always being youth centred and trauma informed. Please vote for them if you can!!

Link in bio ⬆️ - if you’d like to vote we’re under support and advice project of the year- WiSE Participation and Engagement 😁

WiSE are excited to be at trans pride this weekend 🦉
If you are coming, swing by and say hi 👋

We’ll have a stall with fun bits to do and to take home, all with a focus around online dating and relationships. We look forward to seeing those who can make it!

P. S if you are coming, remember to bring water and suncream as it’s going to be toasty! ☀️💦

Today is national child sexual exploitation awareness day. CSE refers to any child or young person under the age of 18 who is being sexually exploited by someone whether they are a peer, a gang, someone older, or a stranger.

We are lucky enough to have WiSE clients who volunteer their time to help create awareness and resources around this topic. This is what they had to say when asked the question ‘what do you want professionals to know about supporting someone going through CSE’.

⚡️Don’t dismiss us as being badly behaved - there is more going on

⚡️Sometimes we might feel like we are a burden on others - please be patient with us

⚡️Don’t use victim blaming language

⚡️Be aware of how to support our mental health. We might be experiencing difficult emotions or flashbacks because of what we have been through

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It is HERE 🎉. The e-wellbeing X WiSE podcast! Our WiSE youth Ambassadors talk to @_ewellbeing about relationships, boundaries, communication, the importance of inclusive nuanced s3x ed in schools, and red flags.

You can find the link on the @_ewellbeing bio.

#podcast #mentalhealthpodcast #relationshipadvice #relationshipadvicepodcast #sexed #boundaries #healthyboundaries #redflags #relationshipquotes #relationshipgoals #communication

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Ever been harassed and then told that it’s a compliment either by the harasser or someone else?

Let’s be clear - harassment is never a compliment. If you feel uncomfortable, scared or nervous because of someone else’s behaviour then it is harassment. It doesn’t matter what their intention is.

#sexualharassment #antisexualharassment #antiharassment #stopharassment #feminism #equality

This is why giving consent to anything is fluid, informed, reversible, specific. Consenting to having images online through personal choice does not mean consenting to having intimate photos shared. This is online sexual harassment and online sexual abuse.

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Would you know sexual harassment when you see or experience it? It’s not just verbal or physical harassment which counts (although those are some common types!)

#SexualHarassment #AntiSexualHarassment #SexualHarassmentBrighton

Our WiSE Ambassadors have created a survey about college age students experiences and the prevalence of sexual harassment. Please share and promote 🔈

#SexualHarassment #SexualHarassmentBrighton #AntiSexualHarassment

Studies have shown that the more disconnected a young person is from their school, family and friends. The higher the chances are of them becoming victims of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) ⚠️⁠

If you think a young person is being coerced, you can help them by making a report to Front Door For Families, a team set up by @BrightonandHoveCityCouncil. ⁠

Organisations such as this are there to help young people. But they can only do so if reports are being made 🚸⁠

Even if you are purchasing drugs and your ‘dealer’ looks younger than expected. You can still make a report anonymously 🗣️⁠

How to report;⁠

Please contact Brighton’s ‘Front Door For Families’ on: ⁠

☎️ 01273 290400 ☎️ ⁠

or email the team at ⁠

📧 [email protected] 📧⁠

If you believe a child is immediate danger, always dial 999 🚨⁠

For more information please visit our website 📲⁠
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"I liked that I could talk about taboo subjects and not feel judged"


"It has helped a lot, I never opened up to professionals, but my WiSE worker helped me to open up and has taken a lot of problems off my shoulders"


"I’ve learnt to be happier, safer and generally more confident with myself"

What can we do to help?


We can meet you in places where you feel comfortable. This could be McDonalds, school, a youth centre or somewhere outside.   

We will work with you to build your own support plan. This means that you help to decide the topics we’ll cover, the type of work you want to do, and how often we meet.  

An example of the types of topics we cover; healthy relationships, consent, sexual health, online safety, grooming, keeping safe, self esteem.

We are a charitable independent organisation, so its your choice if you want to work with us. If you don’t want to work with us, or decide to stop, that is completely okay.  If you still need support we can suggest other organisations that could help. 

We believe that it’s important to ask young people for their expertise – to help us run our project as well as we can, click this link to our participation page.

WiSE isn’t a crisis service. If you are not safe please call 999.

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