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Residents learn about eliminating hunger and food waste

Resident and harvest staff smiling as they make bruschetta
Worthing Foyer became a vibrant hub earlier this week, thanks to a food demonstration from UK Harvest. 

Jenny Burling, Projects Manager for West Sussex Transitional Housing, tells us more:

UK Harvest, an environmental charity ‘on a mission to eliminate hunger and food waste through education and the redistribution of quality surplus food’, came to Worthing Foyer to demonstrate to residents how they can reduce food waste and make delicious meals on a budget. This was made possible thanks to the support from West Sussex Recycles who funded the session and also donated an air fryer for the raffle.

Two staff members from UK harvest demonstrating how to make food tasty and cheaply to residents UK Harvest two members of staff smiling with their thumbs up with food prepared on the table in front of them

Residents came down early as they were really inquisitive and excited about what was happening. They helped the team from UK Harvest bring things into the project and set up the equipment, tables and food.

A room full of residents sat on chairs looking at the food demonstration at the front of the room

Then the demonstration started. There was information about shopping on a budget, nutrition, recycling, and of course cooking. They prepared and demonstrated air fryer chips, bruschetta pizza, tarka dhal and an array of healthy snacks.

Everyone was given a goodie bag to take away that had leaflets, stationery and information.

At the end of the session there was a free raffle where every resident who attended was entered, and the lucky winner won an air fryer!

Food being handed out on a chopping board to residents to taste

Donna and her team from UK Harvest did a brilliant job engaging residents and staff members. It was great to have an atmosphere of excitement, engagement and fun in the Foyer with residents asking “what’s next?”, and “when can we do this again?”.

We want to say a huge thank you to UK Harvest for all their hard work and for providing a brilliant, engaging demonstration for our residents.


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