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Donate Today to Help Prevent Youth Homelessness

Donate Today to Help Prevent Youth Homelessness

No young person chooses to be homeless but this is the prospect for so many in your community.

Every night, across the South-East, we provide a room to 787 young people. Every year, we deliver community support and services to a further 10,200 more. We are their safety net and, for many, we are their home.


£10 could keep a young person safe

Demand for our housing support has increased by 37% since 2020. Donate and help us provide emergency accommodation to move a young person from crisis.


£25 could improve emotional wellbeing

Around 68% of young people living in our supported accommodation suffer from mental health difficulties. Donate to help provide crucial support to those in need.

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£50 could provide vital life skills

79% of the young people living with us, move on positively. We help them to develop the skills to learn, work and to live independently. Donate to help one young person get back on track.

Vulnerable young people have never been more at risk of homelessness

Over the last 10 years, there's been a 73% overall decline in funding to youth services. In the areas we work, that equates to cuts of £1bn. This is on top of the growing mental health crisis, increase in poverty and a decrease in employment and training opportunities.

Your donation will help prevent youth homelessness. It will give young people a home and the support they need to feel valued, to belong and thrive.

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Mapalo's story

At 19, student Mapalo Bray faced homelessness, until we stepped in. Your gifts help people like Mapalo turn their life around, and to build a more positive future.

Change a life today

We believe that with the right support, tools, and care, young people can reach their full potential. Donate today so those like Mapalo can have a brighter tomorrow.

Read more about our inspirational young people

We provide a home, support, and care to over 10,000 vulnerable, young people a year. We help them develop the skills they need to live independently, to thrive. By supporting us, you can too.

Adi smiling at the Youth Matters Awards with a pink glitter background

Adi’s story

Adi is an unaccompanied asylum–seeking young person who threw himself into every opportunity when he moved into our supported accommodation despite facing huge adversity.
Kai's Story

Kai’s story

After years of struggling with poor mental health, Kai moved into our 24-hour supported accomodation and finally began to get the help he needed.
Sam sat on a boat with the sea behind him and a white boat in the distance

Sam’s story

Following on from two lockdowns and starting a new school, Sam was suffering from social anxiety. After reluctantly started therapy with us, Sam settled into the sessions and his worries began to lessen.

YMCA enables people to develop their full potential in mind, body and spirit. Inspired by and faithful to our Christian values, we create supportive, inclusive and energising communities, where young people can truly belong, contribute and thrive.

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