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Resident Wins National Poetry Competition

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To mark National Poetry Day in October last year, the homeless charity, Centrepoint launched their third national competition for young people to showcase their talents and produce a piece of work to express their emotions through written word. The theme for this year was “Truth” and due to the exceptionally high standard of entries, the judging process was extremely difficult.

We are delighted to announce that YMCA DownsLink Group resident Milan came first with her powerful poem.

After just one session working with Milan in the music studio at Crawley Foyer, her strength of talent and ability was clear. She writes from the soul and with genuine depth and meaning in her words. I am so pleased she took the opportunity to submit a piece of her work to the competition. For it then to go on and be recognised as the winning entry is well deserved.” Lee Scott, Programme Coordinator

Milan first moved into the YMCA needing somewhere to live. With the stability of housing and the support offered by YMCA staff, she has thrived and is due to start on a music mentoring scheme, followed by a Level 2 Music Production course later in the year. Milan aims to develop her talents in writing, performance and producing music of her own.



I’m strength… I’m progression… I’m rowdy.
I’m bold, passionate. I resonate loudly.
I encase the room with silence.
I make the drunk drowsy, the workers lousy.
Find me all over the county.
I hide behind lies and stand proudly,
in the face of adversity – Hourly.
I breathe relief on the sick-profoundly,
take away hope, leave them howling.
I am hated but grasped when drowning.
I go insane but stay the same,
spouting out grenades, like a danger game.
Claim clarity from my name.
Break every piece of your heart
but I’m never to blame.
Your whole life burning – I am the flame.
I am ravenous, impossible to tame.
I wreak havoc in your dreams
and frame every second of your pain.
Simple – but I come with many gains.
I trap lives, they get high soul plains.
The purist form on the globe, severed veins,
every thought in my scope – Seven days.
Take your breath away, many ways.
No limitation, where the devil plays.
Something evil ‘bout the truth,
the vengeful ways it’s used,
left my whole life feeling bruised.
Send my soul into the sky,
so my bones been confused.
The truth embrace us all,
so many can abuse and re-use,
to falsely produce – Their character.
So I’m sick of the delusion.
Let the truth wash my skin.
I’m sick of being fake,
all these words from within.
I can’t comply to all this falsity.
I stand as I spin,
as the rain falls down,
as I stare up at the clouds.
I’m just searching for the truth,
threw a million doubts,
I throw my dignity out.
let my ego fall short,
so I can figure me out.
The truth will set you free,
if you acknowledge throughout.
The truth will set you free – If you stop blocking it out.

By Milan


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