FREE training for professionals who are working with young people and families in Brighton and Hove.

Facilitated 4 times a year by YMCA  DownsLink Group and Brighton and Hove City Council.

The workshops provide people with an understanding of the triggers of homelessness and will support them in identifying those young people at possible risk of future homelessness. Participants will develop an increased awareness of current homelessness legislation and of the housing options available to young people.

Training can help these professionals identify issues such as overcrowding, debt and family stress and tensions and thereby alert housing services when they believe a young person or family is at risk of homelessness.

The training helps workers to gain an understanding of housing options and homelessness in young people. The training also provides a great opportunity to share information about services available to young people in Brighton and Hove.

The next upcoming training date is Tuesday 21st February (half-day workshop 9am – 1:30pm):

To reserve  a space, please download and fill in the booking form or email for more information.