Thea’s story

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Thea has been a resident in a YMCA hostel for a while. She was ready to move on, and applied successfully for a university place. But then lack of funds stopped her from committing to it.

But the Sleep Easy 2017 event made all the difference. Our Sleep Easy event took place in March, when over 100 people spent a night under the stars raising money for YMCA DLG’s new Life Change Fund.

With the support of her keyworker Thea applied to the Life Change Fund for some financial help. She had saved a significant sum towards going to university but needed a top-up to secure her student accommodation. She also needed some further help to buy a laptop.

YMCA DLG gave Thea £380 from the Life Change Fund. This will ensure she can pay for her deposit and afford a laptop. Thea says, “I’d like to say thank you for bringing this forward for me. It’s really helped me with getting the future I need – without this support with housing and materials I’d be stuck, unable to move on and take the opportunities to improve my life.  Everyone involved has made this possible!”

A few hundred pounds has really made the difference to Thea, enabling her to access a life changing opportunity. We wish her every success as she moves on to the next stage of her life.

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