Sponsor a space at YMCA Guildford Foyer

Could you or your organisation sponsor a room to help us to develop YMCA Guildford Foyer and create a place where young people can thrive?

Housing young people in Guildford

Midwey House, our 13 bedsit hostel in Wharf Road, Guildford, is being redeveloped to create YMCA Guildford Foyer. The building project will increase the number of rooms significantly from 13 to 34, as well as develop the facilities available to meet the needs of young people in Guildford. We will also provide access to employment, education and training. Our aim is that as a result our young people will belong, contribute and thrive in their local community. Download more information here.

Our supporters are very welcome to get involved in helping us to provide this vital service. We’d like local businesses, individuals and church groups to sponsor one of our rooms or communal spaces at this key site. Sponsoring a room allows you to have a very direct impact on the young people that will live in this accommodation.

How you can help

We have calculated the costs for each space – if you would like to sponsor one of these, or some other aspect of the development we would love to hear from you!

Here is a list of our expected costs:

  • £2,500 to sponsor a bedsit (34 in total, 4 already sponsored)
  • £7,000 to sponsor CCTV
  • £3,550 to sponsor a laundry
  • £3,000 to sponsor a kitchen
  • £2,000 to sponsor our outdoor space
  • £700 to sponsor our lockable & secure bike storage area
  • £80 to sponsor a room welcome pack (34 initially but a continuing need going forward).  This may include personal hygiene products, room cleaning equipment, and something to make the room more personal

We will be happy to name sponsored rooms after you or your organisation.

Alternatively you may be a local individual or businessman willing to fund items needed to make YMCA Guildford Foyer a success. We have devised a list of all the items we need which is available upon request.

What next?

Firstly identify which space or item you would like to sponsor.

Secondly let us know your wishes by email – please advise how the sponsored room could be named.

Thirdly, complete a response slip and send it with your cheque to the YMCA Guildford address below.  (Alternatively we can supply bank details for a BACS payment.)

Finally, enjoy the feeling that you’ve made a contribution towards the well-being of our young people – thank you!

Get in touch
If you have any queries please get in touch with (Mrs) Chris McSween on 01483 532555 (ext 516) or email Chris.McSween@ymcadlg.org

Please send cheque donations (made payable to YMCA DownsLink Group please) to YMCA Guildford, Bridge Street, Guildford GU1 4SB.


YMCA Guildford Foyer Plan – Anne Cairns, Director of Communities and Property Services says:

“YMCA is proud to provide housing for young people in the Guildford area and has been doing so for many years. This is an exciting opportunity for us to invest in Midwey House to improve and increase the accommodation we provide. We also want to create a secure place where young people of Guildford can live well into the future.

The accommodation will incorporate  communal cooking and eating areas.  These spaces will be vital for building social confidence. We will also help the young people with accessing training, education and work opportunities. We want to add some outdoor space too, with bike storage and a place for our residents to enjoy spending time outdoors.

The young people who will pass through YMCA Guildford Foyer are the future of Guildford. They are your future neighbours, colleagues, employees, even your future competitors in business. With the right grounding their opportunities can be endless. You can be a part of ensuring their future has the best start.”


Gwen was a resident at YMCA Guildford. Read Gwen’s story here to find out how living at YMCA Guildford helped her on her journey.