Top tips for keeping safe online

  1. Don’t follow or befriend people online who you don’t know, even if they are friends of friends;
  2. Check your settings – keep profiles private and turn off location settings and maps;
  3. Think before you share anything – make sure you don’t feel pressured to do it and it’s not something you would be upset about if the other person shared it with someone else;
  4. Don’t believe everything you are told, read or see online;
  5. If you’re worried about something you see or someone who talks to you online then report it or talk to someone you trust.


Top tips for keeping safe in the real world

  1. Always make sure someone knows where you are going and who you are meeting (parent, carer, or a friend);
  2. Question why someone older than you wants to be your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, or why someone is giving you lots of gifts and attention;
  3. Building trust takes time – don’t tell someone everything about you before you really know them;
  4. Be wary of someone trying to make you do inappropriate things – why would someone who cares about you want you to do something illegal or uncomfortable?
  5. If you feel like a relationship isn’t balanced or fair or you don’t have control then talk to someone you trust about it, or use one of the contacts on this website.