Feedback from Sleep Easy 2017

Here’s feedback from our ‘rough sleepers’ the morning after the event.

Brighton & Hove

All things considered, it was cold, damp, loud and vulnerable. This drives home how much more difficult this would be if I knew I didn’t have a way out. YMCA can be that way out for some reason.

Hope is a powerful thing. Thank you.

Across the four sites there was an amazing atmosphere of enjoyment and fun at the same time as appreciating what it meant to normally ‘sleep easy’ and to support those who the YMCA help.

I feel humbled to have experienced my first Sleep Easy with such a wonderful bunch of people. The YMCA team were wonderful, friendly, supportive and very organised. When I put my cardboard down, being here alone, I felt a sense of vulnerability and it hit home what it must be like to face this on a daily basis.

It was a really eye opening experience. It made me think about things I hadn’t even considered before about sleeping rough. Thank you for looking after us so well. The work YMCA do is indispensable.

Sleep Easy was a great experience – I met loads of new, amazing people and feel like I understand a bit better what it is like to sleep rough. I’ll definitely be back next year!

Fantastically fun night – a great sense of community. Although I had all my layers, tea and had a nice safe location, it really made me realise how hard it must be for people who sleep rough with barely nothing every night.

Homelessness is not a joke, well done to all for the money raised.

This was just one night; it made me more aware what every night might be like on the streets. Brilliant organisation and terrific hospitality.

Great experience – will do it again for sure!

What an experience – more than ever, I appreciate the roof over my head. I don’t know how the homeless cope or carry on – I don’t think I could.

Great fun and friendly evening, fantastic way to fundraise and will be back next year.

A privilege to be part of such a wonderful imitative to highlight such a diabolic society dilemma …. I look forward to taking part again next year, when I truly hope the situation has improved. Thank you.

Feeling the cold, feeling at risk.

I hope the money raised will help towards creating a society where no one sleeps rough.

Such an amazing experience for such a worthwhile cause. Great team spirit, good insight into the YMCA’S awesome work!

A real insight to sleeping rough and that was just for one night! See you next year!

The YMCA’S work is vital in Brighton and Hove especially as crucial services continue to be cut back. A few hours of mild discomfort is a small price to pay to highlight such a valued institution.

The experience was an eye opener, but only reinforced my belief that nobody should be homeless! The ‘Y’ does amazing work to see that it becomes an actual reality.

A wonderful sense of community, purpose and solidarity. A great experience.

A short sharp insight into the hardship of homelessness. Difficult to comprehend repeating the experience on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

Sleep Easy is pivotal in making homeless issues relatable. Noise, hygiene, comfort, choice – we take them for granted. It was a sobering and unifying evening that will resonate in future social and political choices.

It’s cold, but it’s worth it.

It’s not a 5* hotel, it’s a million star hotel.

First time! Made me think & raised some money for a good cause. See you next year.

Excellent event. Worthwhile cause. Great experience with friendly people.

It certainly is fun to stay at the YMCA! Always a great opportunity to have a tiny insight into how tough it is to sleep rough.  I am more grateful than ever to get in to my bed.

Cold! Should have used more cardboard!

Superbly organised. This is a great event and worth doing to get a small taste of how it must be to sleep rough. My first comments on waking were – that was OK but I wouldn’t want to do it every night.

What an experience. Despite not being a real reflection of rough sleeping it was still challenge enough.  In this day and age we need to do whatever we can to end rough sleeping.

Why does everything smell of woodsmoke? Also we need more pens.

I was grateful to have the company of positive people. I’m sure there are many street homeless people who feel very lonely.  I felt very fortunate that it was only one night.

Good experience

Entertaining and worthwhile, very good experience. Would do it again next year.

I was lucky that I only had to deal with the cold for one night, unlike others who have no choice but to endure it each and every night.

I had a great time and enjoyed the evening. Thank you.

It was one night that could make a difference to lots of nights for others. Great fun and nice people.

I was freezing and knowing I had raised money for a good cause made it all worthwhile. Will be back next year.

We did sleeping out ‘in style’ with plenty of cardboard and warm sleeping bags, but really brings home the misery of what it must be like to be homeless. Amazing work the YMCA does and very happy to be able to raise some money for the work they do.

Great fun. Great people.  Great cause!  I hope I have helped to make a difference.

Mind blowing experience. I enjoyed the evening, opened my mind about homelessness.  I myself have used the YMCA DLG services – without them I would have been lost and maybe taken a different path.  I’m a lucky one.

Great event – really don’t know how people do this every night!

Who needs an alarm clock when you have Judi Cox!

I’m sorry to say the underfloor heating didn’t work.

Gave me a deeper empathy for people who have to sleep rough.


It definitely made me realise how horrible it would be to do this every night. I hope that our one ‘rough’ night can help others to move on with their lives.

One night was enough for me. I definitely wouldn’t like to do it again tonight.  Fingers crossed our one night of cold can help many others.  What an inspiration the YMCA are. J

I was very struck by:

  • the dedications and enthusiasm of the YMCA team
  • the sea shanties
  • the beauty of the dawn breaking
  • the friendliness of everyone there
  • how awful it must be to do this night after night

I will remember the experience for a long time.

Never slept in a box before…cardboard is surprisingly effective. A real blessing to have a home and not have to sleep out regularly.

I wouldn’t like to be doing this every night but it was great fun with nice people.

A wonderful experience, which was truly eye opening. It was an amazing experience and I had a lot of fun, but I definitely wouldn’t want to spend every Friday night this way!

What an experience. I don’t know how people sleep rough night after night.  I would do it again as I feel so strongly about raising awareness of homelessness.  Well organised.

It was great to have a large number this year. It was rather cold but dry.  I certainly would not want to be sleeping out constantly, particularly as an OAP.

An amazing uplifting experience meeting likeminded people sharing the plight of the homeless. And particularly young people in a week when the security of our nation was shaken but not broken.  See you next year.

Great experience. It made me realise how awful it must be to have to sleep like this every night and how lucky we are.  I hope our one uncomfortable night and money raised can help youngsters with YMCA help change their lives and help them to smile again.

Thank you to each and every volunteer who took part and raised money – you are stars!


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