Sleep Easy 2016 – over £20k raised

YMCA DLG Brighton Sleep Easy

We are delighted to announce that we have received and calculated all the donations for Sleep Easy 2016 and it has surpassed our expectations, raising a grand total of £20,083.

We already knew we had wonderful friends and supporters and this event has reiterated that. The generosity shown by so many people has been amazing, and very humbling.

From the feedback forms of those that ‘slept rough’ for us it seems that the vast majority of them really got something out of the experience – in fact many have said they would happily do it again. Em Foster’s (YMCA DLG resident) words sum up the feelings of many: “Sleep Easy was a great experience. Fundraising was a challenge but I really enjoyed raising more awareness around youth homelessness. On the night, it was brilliant to meet some like-minded people as well as using boxes to make a shelter. It made me realise how much difference a bit of cardboard can make to your warmth when sleeping on the ground. It also was a very thought provoking experience for me as I only had to do it for one night. I can’t imagine having to do that every night. Such a great cause and I’m so glad I took part.”

This was the first YMCA DLG Sleep Easy event to involve multiple locations – over fifty people took part and the impact of the event will have reached far, far further. Thank you to everyone that slept out, supported financially by making donations, or helped out on the night. We are hopeful that next year’s Sleep Easy will be even bigger and have an even greater impact in terms of raising awareness and also funds.

Click here to have a look at more photos from the night.

Inspired? Want to take part next year? Email [email protected] to find out more.


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