Sherylee moved into Worthing Foyer in August 2018. She had been struggling to attend college studying Music Performance and had left. But once settled at the Foyer, in November 2018, she began re-attending college on a trial basis and managed to catch up on the course work she had missed by December when her place on the course was confirmed!

She has worked hard at college this year while also having a part-time job at a local department store. She is expected to pass with flying colours and has been offered the opportunity to complete a two-year foundation degree in Music Performance at a college in September which she has accepted! She has a beautiful voice and is very talented.

Since Sherylee moved into Worthing Foyer, staff have supported her to develop life skills such as paying rent and have been working hard to support her with money management, which she has struggled with. This has included a lot of intensive budgeting work, which is still ongoing. This is especially important as she will be moving out soon!

She has also been supported to find strategies to help her to remember important things that she needs to do. This has enabled her to manage responsibilities such as housing benefit and college applications.

During her time at the Foyer Sherylee has gained independence and enjoyed having a settled space which is her own. At the start of her tenancy, she regularly stayed with family as she was not used to living on her own, but through staff engagement she very quickly settled and began treating her flat as her home.

She has regularly engaged with keywork and these sessions have often been used to problem-solve current issues and to gain advice in stressful situations. She is currently being supported by staff to attend meetings at college, apply for her student finance and prepare to move on and find student accommodation. The Foyer staff have offered lots of support with regards to her music. Keyworking often includes a discussion about her progress at college and producing her EP. When it was close to release, her keyworker sent her music and website link to other staff to spread the word. Sherylee was very excited about this as she very much wants others to hear her music. When she decided to move on to a foundation degree, staff immediately began offering support with the process of researching what she needed to know and achieve before beginning her course.

Sherylee writes and performs all her own music and regularly performs at small venues locally on open mic nights. She describes her music as having emotional meaning and wanting to inspire the emotions of others. Staff at the Foyer are very pleased for her, as she’s been working very hard this year to reach her goals and is preparing to move out of the Foyer into student accommodation this September as she embarks on her foundation degree.

The time has come for everyone to hear her talent – Sherylee released her EP on 1 July. Her music is available to download and listen to on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Please see her website for more information!

We congratulate Sherylee on her first EP and wish her all the best in the music business!