27 January 2015

YMCA DownsLink Group’s Social Enterprise Services is looking for young people interested in doing apprenticeships or work experience placements. The young people will need to have previous experience or serious interest in Painting & Decoration or gardening. It would be good if they already had some skills or knowledge but were looking to learn more and receive official training and qualifications.

To qualify for the apprenticeship the young people will need to complete a 2 – 3 month work trial, working one to three days a week. Once accepted for the apprenticeship the young people will be signed up to a college course, providing they can pass the required numeracy and literacy entry tests.

The apprenticeship programme lasts two years and the young people would get paid a salary during it. In the first year the apprentices would get paid £125 a week with the salary rising to a national minimum wage in the second year. Each young person would get assigned a mentor and they must commit to actively engaging with them as part of their apprenticeship.