Jenny went through a difficult time for several years, but working with a mentor through Positive Placements made all the difference.

Jenny* tells her story.

“The last few years have been really hard for me. I had suffered an illness which meant that I was very anxious and I didn’t want to go out.  I became basically agoraphobic and was depressed.  My friends were moving on with their careers and I felt lost.

“My mum suggested I try Positive Placements and I was quickly matched with my mentor, Barney. We started to meet every week in a local café which I knew and felt comfortable in.

“Shortly after I met Barney I got a job, working in KFC. However, I told Barney that my ultimate goal was to go back to study to do A levels or equivalent so that I could be on the path to my dream job – a journalist.

“I was really disappointed when I realised that I could no longer study for free at college due to my age and if I didn’t have Barney’s support I wouldn’t have known which way to go next.

“He went out of his way to look at alternative routes, calling people and helping me research. We eventually found Access Courses online.  I applied to study ‘Access to Humanities’ with English as my main subject coupled with secondary subjects of Psychology, Creative Writing and Journalism.  I had an interview and got in!  I can’t wait to start in September.

“I can’t even say how much Barney has helped me. Before I met him I didn’t know where to turn.  He has never put pressure on me but has supported me, given me hope and the self-belief that I can achieve my goals.  I am so excited by the opportunity of my Access course and from there I plan to go to university and begin my career as a journalist.

“Everything’s going really well at the moment. Thank you Barney and Positive Placements.”

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*Name and photo have been changed to protect the identity of the young person