Your money is supporting vulnerable young people in the community. This is how it’s making a real difference:

£10 will help us to purchase a one-day emergency pack. This pack contains all the essentials to ensure the young person can cook their three meals and also have access to essential items like toilet rolls and soap.

£20 will help us to provide a weekend emergency pack – a diversity of meals across a weekend as well as the essential items. This pack ensures that our residents won’t need to leave their accommodation over the weekend, other than for exercise.

£40 will provide all the items needed by a young person for a week. This pack is perfect for when individuals who are required to self-isolate. It will ensure they receive nutritious meals, including their five a day, as well as all toiletries needed for the week including loo rolls, shampoo and shower gel.

What happens if we receive more packs than needed?

The onset of coronavirus has not only required us to provide emergency packs to young people in our accommodation, we are also having to adapt our services to ensure they can continue to support young people in the community during this crisis. Should the unlikely situation occur where we receive more funding than we need for the packs, your money will be used to help us further adapt our services. This could include taking our counselling and advice services online or enabling our young people to remain connected and engaged through the provision of items such as an activity pack.

Thank You for Your Kind Support! Please Donate Now!