Dance show brings inspiration to YMCA DLG young people

YMCA DLG young people doing martial arts animal poses at a dance workshop

On Tuesday 7th October YMCA DownsLink Group’s young people and staff were invited to the opening night of ‘The Five & The Prophecy of Prana’ dance show at The Brighton Dome. In the weeks leading up to the performance our young people had the chance to get involved in a series of dance workshops delivered by the cast of the show.

On the night the young people who took part in the dance workshops got to wear the official tour t-shirts, a special gift from the cast of the show. The night was made even more special when J.P Omari of BBC1′s Strictly Dance Fever series awarded our young people with certificates for attending the workshops. J.P called out the names of the young people from the stage and each name was greeted with a cheer from the Dome crowd.

The show was an explosive new narrative dance work, integrating hip-hop, manga and martial arts. It told a story of five troublemakers that are sent to a rehabilitation camp for young offenders run by the Grand Master of martial arts who is also the Guardian of Prana – a secret warrior group entrusted with the protection of a spell controlling peace. When a rebellious warrior seeks to seize power, the five must lead the battle of good against evil.

Before the show, some young people said that they weren’t sure if this was there thing but by the time it got to the interval the same young people were saying that they couldn’t wait to see how it ended.


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