Be Real: Great Expectations Research

A report written by YMCA England & Wales investigating the origins of the body image expectations and pressures experienced by young people.

WiSE Up To Boys & Young Men Research

A report commissioned by Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner that concentrates on scoping the understanding and prevalence of the sexual exploitation of boys and young men in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex.

More Than Words

For #IAMWHOLE 2017, YMCA undertook research into the harmful language and negative stereotypes faced by young people experiencing mental health difficulties.

YMCA General Election Manifesto 2017

Inspired by young people, this document brings together more than 40 recommendations across our work areas to help put young people’s voices front and centre of the political debate.

New YMCA Federation Strategy for England & Wales

As set out in our own 2020 Vision, we believe that being part of, and playing an active role in the YMCA Federation is an important element of who we are as a local YMCA.

Work in Progress

The report was released ahead of the new Apprenticeship Levy that will require all UK employers with an annual wage bill of more than £3 million to pay a levy as part of the Government’s drive to create three million new Apprenticeships by 2020.

Somebody Like Me

Young people are facing increasing pressures relating to their appearance. While a focus on the importance of appearance in society is by no means a new phenomenon, many young people today are struggling to escape the constant barrage of messages they receive about how they should look and how they should behave.

#IAMWHOLE research report

A YMCA England report investigating the stigma faced by young people experiencing mental health difficulties.

Family Misfortunes

This report examines the available evidence and statistics on the factors and characteristics of families currently living in poverty within the UK.

The Big Ban Theory

YMCA England carried out research into legal highs usage among young people in England and Wales.

Safety Net Or Springboard

This report examines the role of the job centre in helping young people to find employment and fulfil their potential.

Uncertain Futures

With government proposals to withdraw automatic Housing Benefit entitlement for 18-21 year olds, research was carried out to assess what impact this would have.

Delayed Until Further Notice - Young People Trapped By Housing Crisis

A new research report published by YMCA England on 20th January highlights the frustration many supported accommodation residents face as growing housing pressures leave them trapped and unable to move on to independent living.