Sleep Easy 2017 – today’s the day!

Sleep Easy 2017 – an extreme challenge

For Sleep Easy 2017 we were looking for 100 people to stand with us (well, sleep with us!) and spend a night under the stars on Friday 24 March 2017. It won’t be warm and it won’t be comfortable, but we know that the money we raise will make a huge difference to many young people.

Sign ups to date (24/03/17)

Brighton & Hove: 57

Horsham: 29

Guildford: 24

We are 110!!  Brilliant!

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When and where?

Three Sleepouts will all take place simultaneously on Friday 24 March 2017 in Brighton, Horsham and Guildford. We will ensure that funds raised in each location will be used to support the work of the YMCA locally.

Last year we raised £24,000 with 50 ‘rough sleepers’ taking part.  So this year our target is 100 participants, together raising £50,000. Are you up for this extreme challenge? (Please don’t let the numbers put you off – we’ll be grateful for whatever you can raise!)


  • Anyone aged 16 and over can take part (16 and 17 year olds require parental consent and should be accompanied by a responsible adult on the night)  although we advise against anyone with serious health issues signing up). It’s a great team building activity for staff groups – many of our own staff will take part.
  • We invite under 16s to hold their own Sleep Easy event.  We would love school and youth groups to get involved.  You can hold your Sleep Easy 2017 at a time of your own choosing in whatever setting is most convenient – maybe outside your church or in the church hall – it’s still not your own comfy bed!  Young teenagers may hold a sleepover in a home while schools may host an event within their grounds. The possibilities are endless. The most important thing is that you raise money to help us combat youth homelessness. Click here for more.

To sign up

16 and over? Click here to sign up now!

The entry fee is £10, payable on the night.

Enquiring for a group of under 16s?  Email us and tell us your idea.


Sleep Easy 2017 is happening because of young people like Ameer. When he arrived in this country he had no support until he came across our housing advice service. This led on to him moving into YMCA accommodation. Read his story here.  The money we raise through Sleep Easy 2017 will help many more young people to move into safe accommodation.

But we provide so much more that just a place to sleep. We offer support and opportunities so that the young people can achieve their full potential.  Our aim is that they all belong, contribute and thrive.

So please help make Sleep Easy 2017 a success!